Thursday, May 26, 2005 If you ‘googlez “name” Samuel Morville “on the web, you get eleven pages of references.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005 If you ‘googlez "name" Samuel Morville "on the web, you get eleven pages of references. This is what we recognize today notoriety … "Sam" is a high school student from TES, a member of the coordination schoolgirl and anarchist activist who went on trial yesterday. Obviously, your daily or almost back on this trial. Other judgments should follow, justice goes fast for once and give a strong signal to those who would manifest … Good Reading … ——————- ————————— 26/01/05 Liberation the students "a hard core of anarcho-libertarian" the 29th chamber the Paris court was not large enough yesterday to accommodate all the students who came to support Samuel Morville, 18, one of the leaders of the protest movement against the Fillon law on school. Student terminal at Sophie-Germain high school (Paris IV), he is the only one to appear for the single charge of "insulting agent". Following numerous arrests who settled student movement in April, young appearances will indeed succeed in the coming days. Most respond to "willful violence" or "public good downgrades meeting." At the bar, Samuel Morville has long denounced the "repression" that strikes the students engaged in a tough fight against the Fillon law. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 26/01/05 the explosion of psy disorders in young the unhappiness is not the preserve of the big heads. A growing number of teenagers experiencing psychiatric difficulties, such as schizophrenia, but also and especially eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia …) and severe personality disorders. A "true outbreak in ten years," says Helena Lida-Pulik, one of the doctors, Manager of the institution Dr. Huerre. Read more of the article A clinic for "too good students" anguished by Partial exams, competitions, tray … In high school and college students, stress increases to the end of year exams approach. For some, the pressure rises excessively, haunting the same throughout the year, even a large part of their schooling. To the point of pathological and require treatment at worst hospitalization. Symptoms paradoxically ignored bad or average students, because those affect the psychiatrist Patrice Huerre called "too good students." Serious cases with great distress, expressed in depression, anorexia, phobias, attempted suicide or addiction to drugs and alcohol, led in his clinic, a unique institution in France. Reportage. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- Humanity’s website ————————————— 26/01/05 unavailable ————- Le Parisien 26/01/05 Samuel schoolboy angry in court two months after the demonstrations, one of the leaders of the schoolgirl coordination going on yesterday in court to insults agent. A trial denounced by students and parents associations and which should lead to a light sentence. Read more of the article "We want to criminalize us," There are those, still very rare, whose fate has already been sealed (in Le Mans, Angers and Bayonne) and the much more numerous, whose turn will come soon. As Samuel forty high school students in Paris, Bobigny or elsewhere, are prosecuted … Read More Article ——————- —————————– the Cross of Nothing seen … 26/01/05 ——– —————————————- 20 minutes from 26/01/05 "I do not want to become a high school student martyr "At 19, it seems straight out of the Old Daze, by Cedric Klapisch. brown hair tied in the neck, small incipient goatee, leather jacket and green mesh too large, Samuel Morville advances at the helm of the Paris court. "I have neither spit nor insulted, sir," he said politely, at the beginning a little uncomfortable. This is not the opinion of the Commissioner Grubis, a civil party. Samuel was held yesterday for "insulting agent" at a high school event, on March 31. "He spat in the face, when I put the flashing light," says the Commissioner, gray hair cut very short. A sputum punctuated, he said, a "son of a bitch, fuck your mother." "Samuel is not the kind of boy to behave like that," her lawyer protested, pointing also the many approximations of the procedure. With its sixty meter, the young student does not have the physical labor. […] Read more of the article A number of young people who have dark thoughts Phare association has to provide young considering suicide a helpline at the cost of a local call *. After fourteen years of experience serving families of teenagers suffering, this association created by parents of young suicide opens at the same time its reception area and listening to teens who would then consult. "Suicide is taboo among young people," says the founding president of the association, Teresa Hannier. "The phone is an easy tool for them, it should help. "On the phone, they will be listened to by trained people, many psychologists, whose role is to" free speech. " For professionals found that "most young people go wrong, the more they are in denial." Once identified the suffering, the association may play the role of mediator with parents or towards other structures. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— West of France 26/01/05 the "blue helmets" of the playground High to a grasshopper and already mediators. In Glonnieres district in Le Mans, ranked in priority education zones, the CM1 and CM2 of Guy Moquet school are a snub to school violence. Trained over two years, they get to keep the peace in the hotel. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 26/01/05 a fine of 500 euros or community service required a high school student activist against the word of a police commissioner against that of a leader of the student movement . The Paris court has seen two confronting theses, two stories, Wednesday, May 25, during the trial of Samuel Morville, a spokesman for the schoolgirl coordination, accused of insulting a police officer. The high school student was arrested and placed in custody after a demonstration on 31 March in Paris against the Fillon law on school. The police commissioner, Pierre-Jean Grubis commanded CRS that framed the tail of the procession. A difficult mission, said the policeman in a tense, the police had sustained missile throwing, spitting and insults from the "hard core" of the students, a youth group of "extreme left "" anarcho-libertarian ". Among these students, Samuel Morville, "one of the most virulent." The Commissioner said that the young man of 19 years insulted ( "son of a bitch, fuck your mother") and spat in his face as he was in his command vehicle. Later, when the young man back in front, he has arranged for his arrest by several CRS. 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